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GRAW 1/2 Console Commands
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:16 pm Reply with quote
Console Commands

To access the in-game console, during multiplayer any time after spawning press the O key (the letter O, not zero); alternatively type /open or /console in the chat area. A console prompt will show up at the very bottom of the screen, and you can enter one of the commands below. Note that only the first 6 commands below are available to players; the other commands are only usable by server administrators. The full list of known console commands is provided below:

/close - Close the console window

/help [command] - Show help for one or all of the commands

/list [nickname] - Lists all players and their #IDs, or any players with the specified nickname

/login <password> - Login as admin on the server

/maps - Displays the available maps on the server

/vote <type><name> - Start a vote of <type> on <name>

/ban <n> - Bans a player for limited time or forever by #ID or Nickname. is in hours

/kick <n> - Kicks a player by #ID or nickname

/kill <n> - Kicks a player by #ID or nickname

/msg <message> - Displays a system message to all clients

/play_map <#> - End current match and start a new one on the selected map

/print [command] - Listing the current settings

/reload - Reload the map with the new settings

/restart_match - Restart the entire match

/screenshot <n> - Asks a client for a remote screenshot. Client is identified by #ID or nickname

/set_admin_password - Sets the admin password

/set_anticheat <0> - Set anticheat true/false

/set_balance <0> - Set balance team true/false

/set_balance_limit <#> - How many more players that can be in a team if balance is enabled 1-31

/set_clangame <0> - If the match is a clan game

/set_friendly_fire <0> - Set friendly fire true/false

/set_immortal_dur <#> - Set immortal duration 0-10

/set_match_points <#> - Set the match points

/set_match_time <#> - Set match time 0-99

/set_max_deaths <#> - Set number of deaths 0-10, 0=unlimited

/set_min_respawn_wait <#> - Set min respawn wait time 0-10 seconds

/set_motd - Set message of the day

/set_password - Set server password

/set_password_enable <0> - Use server password true/false

/set_punish_tk <0> - Set punish tk true/false

/set_punish_tk_limit <#> - Set # of tk before getting kicked 0-60

/set_server_name - Set the server's name

/set_start_condition <#> - 1=All slots full, 2=All players, 3=Server Ready, 4=One per team

/set_switch_sides <0> - Set switch sides true/false

/set_vote_enable <0> - Set vote true/false

/set_vote_kick_starters <#> - Times allowed to start a kick vote in one round 1-60

/set_vote_ratio <#> - Set vote ratio 30-100

/set_vote_time <#> - Set time until vote is closed, 10-60 seconds

/set_win_condition <#> - Set the winning condition, 1-4 (HamburgerHill) or 5-6 (MPCoop)

/start - Starts a round if it has not yet begun

/unban <nickname> - Unbans a player with #ID or nickname

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