Been playing Warhammer online Age of reckon
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#1: No icon Been playing Warhammer online Age of reckon Author: Shadow PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2009 4:32 pm
So hey guys wants up hows things been.  Me ive ben busy running a guild on Dark Crag(Orvr) .  Ive been playign this game for a while now. never sem to stop amazing me with the massive fighs we have on my server.  If theres any of u that thought about playing this game or have it just dont know what to do and wher to go plx hit me up and u can roll onmy server and i can help ya rank up and be party of my army that im building. But anyways ive tried to jump in vent but doesnt work is it down?

PS btw i sold my wow account u can ask cold i dont play wow no more dont want to ever agin this game is awesome has great grpahics and some amazing Player vs player fights -> General Talk

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