WAW Servers Running in the UK and USA
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#1: No icon WAW Servers Running in the UK and USA Author: TheBeast PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:12 am
hello mate's

It was okay by Pulaski to post this.. so here i go.

We (united band of brothers) lauched yesterday 5 WAW servers in the UK and today we launched 4 WAW servers in the USA.
This are not beta servers but the full versions.

We got a total of 23 servers running now.. this will be around 40 in the next month.
COD OU, COD4, COD5, BF2, BF2142  and maybe some games others in the future lol.

to much IP's and ports to type so there for i made this site:\

Hope to see you around.


The Beast (Luuc)

https://old.dmegaming.com -> General Gaming Talk

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