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Console Command for COD 5
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:54 pm Reply with quote

about Remote Console:
Remote Console, or simply referred to as RCON, is the method of controlling a server by using specific commands to either change a map, game type, or turn a setting off or on. You do all of this without even being near the server, hence why it's absolutely essential any server administrator for Call of Duty 4 to know how to use these correctly and minimize them if possible. Knowing how and being able to control your own server is a very good skill to have in the gaming world of today. Many of the same rules I will present to you in this guide are used in all other multiplayer games. All game servers have some sort of RCON in use for server administrators, remember this.

Entering an RCON command
When using RCON on a server that isn't running your computer, you must follow a few simple steps when entering a command.

1. Bring down console. You can bring down console by entering the ~ key. This key is next to your 1 key on your keyboard.
Once you bring it down, it looks like this:

After you have console down, you can now enter RCON commands. Before doing so, make sure you're connected to the server first. Once you're connected to your own server, we can begin.
Now that you're in a server, go into console and type in the following:

/rcon login pizza

This is the standard login for RCON after you enter your server. In this command, login tells the server you want to use RCON and pizza is the password. The RCON password is set via your server config.
Once you're logged in, we can begin enter basic RCON commands.

Common Basic RCON Commands
Please note that the following commands are NOT permanent and are only temporary. In order to make these changes permanently, you must change these settings manually in the server configuration file. This is entering another realm and we will cover this in a future guide.

Changing the Server Name
Let's say you decide you want to change the server name for a special event but don't want to make it a permanent change in the config. To change the server name, it's a simple, easy-to-remember command that allows you to do this. Enter the following to the change server name:

/rcon sv_hostname " COD4"
Where the " COD4" is located, you can enter your own custom server name.

Changing the Gametype
If you dislike the current rotation and want to switch it up on your own will, changing the game type is a very vital command to know! When playing in a match for a league or tournament and it's on your server, you may have to change it over as well.

Enter the following to change the game type:
/rcon g_gametype "sd"

Where the "sd" is located is where you can insert any acronym for a game type. If you don't know the acronyms for each of game modes, here's a list to help you out.

war - Team Deathmatch
dm - Free For All
sd - Search and Destroy
koth - Headquarters
sab - sabotage
dom - Domination

Changing the Map
This is very similar to the game type method. However, let's say you wish to ONLY change the map. The way to change both the map and game type is explained in a later section.
Enter the following to change ONLY the map:

/rcon map mp_makin
mp_strike is the name of one of the 16 maps in CoD4 and can be replaced with anything.

For example:
/rcon map mp_subway
If you don't know all of the map names, here's a list of each and its proper name.


Rotating the Map
If you don't want to select the map yourself, but want to simply rotate through the map rotation selected in the config, this command is your best friend.
Enter the following to rotate the map:

/rcon map_rotate
That's it! Don't enter anything else.

Viewing Player Information
If you wish to find out specific information about people in the server such as IP addresses, GUID, or anything else, you can do so using this command. This is the first step you do when kicking or banning something.
Enter the following to view player information:

/rcon status
Do NOT enter anything else when entering this command.

Viewing Server Information
If you wish to see a current configuration or state of the server while in game, use this command. It will show you the host name and many other important things to know when configuring a server.
Enter the following to view server information:

/rcon serverinfo

Password-ing the Server
If you wish to lock your server up for a clan practice or match, then this is the best and only way to do so.
Enter the following to password you server:

/rcon g_password "pancake"
In this command, "pancake" is the password. You can replace that with anything to make whatever you choose a password.

Turning On Friendly Fire
If you have friendly fire on and you want to turn it off, or vice versa, then you can easily do it.
Enter the following to turn on friendly fire:

/rcon scr_team_fftype 1
In order to turn it off, use 0 instead of 1.

Turning On Hardcore Mode
If you wish to change your server from stock to hardcore mode, it's something you can easily change through RCON.
Enter the following to turn on Hardcore Mode:

/rcon scr_hardcore 1
The same for FF applies here, use 0 if you wish to turn it off. Hardcore is basically a realism mode that turns off the HUD and increases certain weapon properties such as damages.

Turning On Old School Mode
Old School mode allows you to start without perks and bonus weapons, forcing you to pick them up throughout the map.
Enter the following to turn on Old School Mode:

/rcon scr_oldschool 1

Turning On Kill Cam
Kill Cam allows you to see the action the person who killed you did before they shot you.
Enter the following to turn on Kill Cam:

/rcon scr_game_allowkillcam 1
If you wish to turn Kill Cam off, use 0 instead of 1.

Common Advanced RCON Commands
For the majority of these commands, you must refer back to the previous section for certain commands.

Changing the Map and Game Type
It's very simple to change the map AND game type at once. How do you do this you ask? You MUST follow this sequence.
Enter the following in order to change the map and game type:

/rcon g_gametype war
/rcon map mp_strike
These commands will change the game type to Team Deathmatch and change the map to Strike. This means you will be playing TDM on Strike! This can be done for any of the game types and maps.

NOTE: For all of the following commands, you must View Player Information.

Kicking a Player
Follow this exact order to kick a player from the server.
Enter the following sequence to kick a player:

/rcon status
From status, you take the players client number which is on the left side of the status command. Take this number and use it to kick the player. For references to where this located, check the screenshot from before under the Viewing Player Information section.

/rcon clientkick 1
This means it will kick player 1 in the server.

Banning a Player
For banning a player, you follow through the same thing but use a different command:

/rcon banclient 1
This means you will ban player 1.

Temporarily Banning a Player
Follow the same procedure for kicking and banning a player, but enter this command.

/rcon tempbanclient 1
This means you will temporarily ban player one.

Sending a PM to a Player
This is an advanced command that is confirmed to work. However, I'll include it in this guide for future updates. This allows you to send a console message to a specific person.
To do this, you must use the status command like the previous commands however you use a command command.

/rcon tell 1 "you're weird"[b]

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